New St. Petersburg

Na as advertising. In our time, the state does not allocate apartments as before. Young families have no hope that when they get married they will be given an apartment… How can that be? In a rented flat will not live long, and with their parents even more so….) I want my family nest. There is a way how you look at it to buy an apartment in the building? I think this is the best option that will solve the housing problem. Making the purchase of apartments in the building, you become legal partner of a construction company. And since you first find yourself the owner of the apartment, her check will be fundamentally different from the secondary market. The participation of professional Realtor in the transaction significantly reduces the risk for the buyer. The main advantages are the lack of new construction problems associated with property rights, brand new apartment, it is possible to redesign the apartment still under construction, longer service life at home, new communications, sound infrastructure and availability of parking. In addition, apartments in new buildings more convenient and comfortable. Large spacious rooms. Each new building work is well organized lifts, a concierge, and for young families on the first floor of each house provide wheelchair room, where you can store strollers and bikes. So if you have already decided to buy an apartment, I recommend to see the buildings of St. Petersburg immediately offered aganstvo Ithaca real estate. Now you will have your spacious family nest! Look, here’s one of the buildings: Multi-storey residential complex “Watercolor” with the glass facade is constructed in a dynamic part of the Primorsky region – Tourism in the street. The “Watercolors” provides underground parking for 50 cars, the area of the residential complex will be landscaped builder. Height of 16 floors of a house being built on an individual project and is designed for 404-class comfort of the apartment area of 24 to 62 square meters. M, located on the first floor fitness center and gym.

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